Goldshell Power Supply

Any recommendations on where to find goldshell PSU?

Or is using your own PSU simple enough that a non-EE can handle?


Which Goldshell miner model PSU are you looking to replace?
I can help if regarding the LB1.

Its their SKU# 20210518-1 or Goldshell customize Power Supply(Can use for 4 BOX Model)

PSU for the KD Box Mini

I am using a EVGA 80+ Gold , 650W power supply for HS box. ATX power supllies are just fine with the right wattage and rating. you just need to jumpstart because you are starting the power supply without connecting to a computer motherboard.


Right now the Goldshell power supplies seem to be back in stock on their website. They are basically PC PSUs that they have pre-wired for their devices 6-pin PCIe connections - this is my cousins KD-BOX and Goldshell PSU setup:

I plan to take the approach @pinapala is using for my KD-BOX. I have a 600w 80+ Gold rated PSU on my gaming PC that has at least 3-400w of power available. I’ll follow the tutorial from Goldshell to setup the wiring:

Hope this helps!