Goldshell power supply

I have just one of the $100 Goldshell brick power supplies that came with a Mini Doge and it starting to flake out on me. It will work for a few minutes then stop. Probably bad component or heat related issue internally. I contacted Goldshell and they said they would cover it under warranty and to send it back. I went to UPS’s website and looked up how expensive it would be to send a 3 lb package back to Hong Kong. It’s 150-160 bucks!!! Holy smokes. That isn’t even worth it considering it was $100 extra to get one in the first place.
Has anyone else found a good economical way to ship things back to Goldshell?

i wouldn’t even care really since all my other Goldshell box miners are running on EVGA power supplies. But sometimes I want to just move one miner somewhere. In my office for instance to help heat it in winter.

…and dont forget the taxes that may come on top if it is not announced correctly.
Did you check if there is any kind of low fee “return for repair” tarif ?

That’s the problem JoeJoe with the long shipment, you’re better off throwing it out and either getting a Bitmain APW3, APW7 or an EVGA instead of eating the cost of the shipping. Sucks!! Hopefully one day we’ll have a full fledged repair facility in the US. I’m thinking about it to be honest with you. Just haven’t pulled the trigger in the classes yet. Good luck JJ hope it all works out!!

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It’s a power supply valued at $100. I don’t think import taxes apply till you get somewhere in the 4 digits.

Oh 100%. I’ll just get the cheapest evga that can run 1-2 mini doge and call it a day for 1/3 the cost of getting this fixed. I think I may try to dissect it now and see what’s inside 🪛🪚💣

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That is a question of your local tax law.
Over here the “free amount” for China has been chanceled and now every item has to be declared and taxed.
Anyhow it is not worth to sent it back but buying an alternative should be cheaper. :pensive:
probably you have the chance to repair it
cross my fingers :crossed_fingers:

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@JoeJoe that is was time ago, I am curious how did you solve your PSU issue?

2 weeks ago when I was out for work my large Goldshell Power supply broke and kicked out a breaker for a whole PDU line. Until I came back and could check for it, all miners on that power line stood off.
Since it absolutley makes no sence to ask GS aftersales service, I opened it. It looks like that a coil inside of a tiny relay burned off. I am not into electronic works, but anyhow I ordered just that relay on the internet and once it arrives I will see if only that was the reason - a part for 48ct.

Did anyone else discover such problem with the large PSU for 199.- from goldshell?

Sorry, I’ve been off VCT for many months. I never fixed it or got it resolved with Goldshell. I just decided to move the box miner to one of my other power supplies that had extra available power.

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