Goldshell Restock get your miner

Just got a CKB miner for $699 get yours now.

I started to add a ST box but at checkout decided against it. I’d like the Goldshells I have now to make back at least half what I invested before I add more. Plus the ST (and most of the other ones) doesn’t even make enough to recoup the cost in a year. I removed it from my cart. So if anyone is looking for one and they were sold out try refreshing - you can have mine.

They have the LT6 and CK6 available now too!
I did not buy the sc box remember you can mine the coin and exchange for Bitcoin in your wallet for free that is what I am doing now.
I have 2 mini doges and a HS/sia coin now adding a CKB

Do you exchange it in your Sia wallet? Or?

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I exchange the sia in my wallet I use

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Thanks for the info!