Goldshell Restock

Did anyone have any luck on Goldshell this morning for the restock. Site has been down

No. i had two laptops and an iPad trying. I was able to get past the password on all 3 and add a KD-Box to the cart. But only once did the cart load. When it did it said they had negative 1 inventory. Sad that their website is so crappy. I have much better luck buying from DXPool so I’ll just keep watching their shop.


Nope. I think I’ve seen endless “500 Internal Server Error” and “Error 525” handshake errors, whatever those are.

I did finally manage to get to the shopping cart screen for the KD-BOX. But after finally getting in, it’s saying “Sorry, we do not have enough “Goldshell KD-BOX (without PSU)” in stock to fulfill your order (0 available). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

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i managed to get a kd box. had to refresh every page like 20 times tho, but eventually got through :slight_smile:


Nothing worked… tried purchasing KD-Box, CK Boxes,… brutal

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YES! I got 2 Vosk Edition Minidoges! I had to reload a thousand times. Then it forced me to login, but everytime it’d boot me. So I just used another email to get to the coinbase page and presto! Don’t give up!

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DxPool Shop has a few Mini Doge and HS Box miners left this morning as of 10am cst.

The site seems to have somewhat stabilized…ok maybe not…it’s patchy.

I got to password a dozen times then errored after I input it. Kinda bummed.

Got online 30 minutes after the restock… had to reload the website numerous times…but finally got through and was able to snap up 3 Vosk-edition mini-doge miners. Just starting out in mining - I will have a total of 4 mini-doge miners and one Bobcat helium miner once they all arrive. Next go around I might go for a KD-BOX!!

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i didn’t even bother to go to the site. knew it would be congested…

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Rumor is the scalpers jam up the website while they buy out the stock. With the amount of money floating around for these things, seems more than plausible.

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how do you become a scalper? what advantage do they have over us? it must be more than just money…

That’s what I think. If you know how to DDOS and with the way KD is earning I can see nefarious ppl taking the chance. I mean,GS stuff is minting money. It’s gonna be a huge target.

What kind of profits are you seeing on your mini doge miners right now? How accurate are the combined LTC+Doge mining profits listed on the asicminervalue and minerstat?

Are these miners profitable?
When I compare the numbers statistics from whattomine, the breakeven seems very long? The only really promising looks to be the KD-box. Am I missing something?

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Right now all of the “resellers” are jacking up prices to an ROI of 12 months. Still profitable but I’d prefer an ROI of 6-8 months

Yep, that’s a long roi…I’m hoping and betting prices will drop some at end of bull market.

Agreed with respect to resellers. But even with that, the implicit assumption is that today’s coin price as well as mining difficulty will remain constant.

E.g., I’m extremely happy that I have my KD5’s, but I’d never purchase one at the prices being asked today. There is just no way at $60-$70k for a KD5 (and similar costs proportional to hash rates for KD-Boxes and used KD2’s) that one is going to see a 12 month payback. One simply has to go on and look at difficulty rate trends to see the challenge.

So unless KDA prices will increase equal to or greater than difficulty rates (and you hodl KDA and don’t swap it out), then yield per day will decrease over time making it ever harder to recoup the sky high investment.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. Difficulty could start to stabilize a bit now that most new KD5’s should have shipped and be hashing - and Goldshell can’t source new ASIC chips. And their occasional KD-Box drop shouldn’t move the needle. I assume iBeLink has the same issue. So, ymmv . . .

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I got mine KD5 from other guys, found them from google and received it pretty quick for a reasonable price as many resellers are putting extremely high prices, mine was for 25k