Goldshell resupplied kd box

Are they already sold out?

Yes. Sold out before I even saw their email.

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So dissapointing🙁

I was on less than 1 minute after they went on sale, website kept reloading then I was able to add to cart, then they were sold out. Just gotta keep trying!


Honestly - GoldShell buying is terrible!!! The only pro is the price.

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I am on the site last two time and still can’t get it!

Same, just couldn’t get through there payment page at all. Got 502 error every time it went through

How often do they sound out resupply emails? And it looked like the email came in at 4am my time…yikes I’m never going to be able to catch that fast enough.

yes they are always around that time from goldshell for what I know. Remember where they companies are located

Do yourself a favor and follow them on twitter, they send out notifications there as well.

The notification is prompt but the stock is always limited to 20. It has much worse probability to get the order in place than winning a lottery