GOLDSHELL selling Handshake BOX miner now!

I just bought myself the miner, and wanted to let everyone here know about the new Goldshell release.

Hurry I don’t think supplies will last.

Goodluck and happy mining!

3 Likes is the website

im new to mining what would i be able to mine with this miner?

sorry complete new to mining

that site will give you some information on profitability and electric cost estimates.

This miner mines Handshake HNS coins.

This miner not a huge profit maker, but it is quiet and you never know HNS coin might go up later.

What about the Goldshell - KDA BOX Kadena Home Miner (1600 GH/S)

when that go on sale?

I am thinking that wont go on sale for another month or few weeks.

Do we have an estimated price on the KDA Box? Will it be around the same $1k that the Handshake Box is?

Goldshell has just launched two new miners suited for mining cryptocurrencies at home! Learn more w/ our direct VoskCoin shortlink, ensure you end up on the correct site, & support the channel!

Who thinks we should collaborate w/ Goldshell miner again?!

Just posted the above on social media, you were ON TOP of this release!

Here’s a screenshot of the Goldshell HS-BOX and KD-BOX mini ASIC miner stats

I hope it 1k… Be online checking daily. These little low watt/quiet ASIC machines don’t make much money, but it is teaching me mining and I can run them cheap. Great for hobby mining. I already bought the Nebra Helium, MXC, LBRY, Handshake Box, and next be this KDA Box. Figure my electric bill only be 30 bucks more tops. Put them all on a shelf in a room and let them run.

Yeah I have been on top of Goldshell great company. They delivered my miner quick, and runs smoothly. Big factor that turned me into a Goldshell Loyal customer is that they produce quiet and low watt Asic Miners.

Only negative for some folks/people can be these machine won’t produce big money on the low watt miners, but the damn learning experience of crypto these things produce is priceless to me right now.

At end of day it is a Great Hobby. Expensive one, but I am going HODL some coins spend some and heck never know make few bucks.

… and its sold out.

No it not sold out

I snagged 2 this morning. I wished I could of gotten a KDA miner too.

Yeah me as well. The HD-Box miner still on sale. Maybe they pushing them first.

I already got my HD-Box in the mail yesterday.

I’m 62 and ready to start mining! Hope I win one. :star_struck: