Goldshell sending my Refund been waiting over a month!

so im trying to figure out how much they are gonna charge me this dont even sound right heres what they sent me.

lease notice, we will deduct the handling fee from the refund amount.
Handling fees include: 1. Transaction fees of 1% from Coinbase. 2. USDCand ETH on the Ethereum chain will charge an additional gas fee of $25.

Please provide your ETH wallet address. The refund will be credited within 10 working days
Overpaid: 0.086623ETH (($147.97)
Exchange rate: $1708.20 per ETH

Open a ticket with customer service and keep messaging daily until it’s done. Having a miner repaired under warranty was one of the customer service experiences in my lifetime.

share your order number here and I’ll message this thread to Goldshell and try to get you some better support fwiw

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