Goldshell Shipping Issues

So I ordered from Goldshell on the 11th, and they handed it off to DHL on the 12th of October. My order has been waiting in Shipment information received for 2 weeks now. I also ordered two doge mini miners on the 20th, and they are already in my country on their way to me.

Is DHL super backlogged and not dealing with old packages? Or might they have lost them? I tried talking to Goldshell and all I was told was DHL hasn’t loaded it on the plane yet. This is my first ever order to them, and I am just confused how the newer miners were shipped, but my oldest order is still not moved.

What do you guys think?

I ordered two miners from Goldshell on the 13th October batch. They had been sitting with no movement till yesterday. Didn’t even look like DHL picked them up yet. I logged onto the DHL website for US, then to customer service, and asked for a package update. Within hours I got an email from them stating “we expect your shipment to be delivered November 2nd”. Now the tracking shows picked up, processed, and at sort facility with an ETA of Tuesday the 2nd. I’m not sure if my complaining sped things up or if they are finally just able to get through the backlog of shipments.

I’ve come across this issue more often than I’d like. Just the perils of dealing with China, not like there’s an alternative. The DHL warehouses are prone to get backlogged and experience delays due to high shipment volume. Longest delay I’ve seen is two weeks.
I’d call DHL and ask them about it, they might be able to help you.