Goldshell Starcoin miner profitability?

I have two Goldshell Starcoin miners on DXpool. Goldshell ST-BOX profitability | ASIC Miner Value real time mining profitability shows I should be pulling in around $2.50 a day per box before electric costs. I barely make 5 cents for both. Do I have a major problem or are the sites profit calculations that far off?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Many profitability calculators don’t account for pool fees. Also, many of them calculate based off of a constant hash rate vs. realistic miner fluctuations.
Looking at Star coin, it looks rough on the charts. May have been accurate at $2.50 a day at the time of your purchase. Even at $0.01 KWH you aren’t hitting $2.50 at its current value per coin. Network hashrate also increased roughly 3 Mh in the last 7 days, which may not seem like much, but when the average hashrate for DX pool is 15.6 Mh (just under 20% influx of new miners) that can be a significant swing in mining difficulty also effecting your bottom line.
Hope this helps, or at least clears something up for ya.

Dude. The coin got hacked. Value went away. Also these never really made much.

Like @Krisz said - they had a hack and mining was completely shut down about 22 Feb. They have enabled mining again on 8 March but there are 9 million fake coins they are still chasing and all trading is still suspended. Coin price tanked and may or may not ever recover. All the details are in their Telegram and Discord. You should go have a read up there.
For now - you will be losing money running it - but it also very little power so I’ve got mine running in case it comes back. They are still working an the 2.0 thing and maybe it will moon…

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