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Hello guys,
How is everyone doing?!

I have placed an order for kd box, by mistake i didnt pay the transaction fee because i saw the first and last 2 digits and saw the receiving amount and the required amount were the same, i proceeded. The order kept pending so i created a ticket, later on while i went to check the order i accidently pressed CANCEL!!! Dumb move I know lol I was on my phone and i accidently clicked on it.

However, I did create a ticket on their website with proff of payment and everything. I did not hear from them since. Its been 2 days.

How long does it take for them to respond?!
Will they ask to the missing fee to complete the order since its SOLD OUT now?!

And if they refund the amount will they refund the same amount of BTC i send?! Or the will send BTC with the same value i sent (todays $ value)?


They had some holiday today, but they are replayed to my inquiries from couple of days ago already, their support seems to work quite well, good luck out there!

Try giving them a hit up on Twitter and tagging them in the tweet. I’ve tried emailing their support before but the answer I got back was less than comprehensible.

I tried emailing there support too, but no reply.

I wanted to know if they ship to South Africa, any ideas?

Did you submit a ticket or emailed them directly?!

The ship anywhere DHL goes i guess

I emailed, submitted a ticket and today i tried reaching them on Twitter.

Thing is i don’t want to place a order and they cant ship here, and them not replying is leaving doubt in my mind.

email directly

you’ll get reply after that like the one below:

Your request (xxxx) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

To add additional comments, reply to this email.

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and they will answer you shortly…