Goldshell X VOSKCOIN Mini-Doge Tails Edition BATCH 3 is FOR SALE NOW!

People asked for another batch to be released of the VoskCoin Mini Doge miners specifically the Tails Edition collaboration with Goldshell! They’re up for order… now! This is a fun, profitable, small, and quiet Scrypt ASIC mining rig that mines Litecoin LTC and Dogecoin DOGE!

I don’t know why, but I grabbed two of them. Mini Doge Farm! Ha

They will fit nicely next to my pillow and help keep my wife nice and warm. Win win!

/yes bad humor

Can I set up & manage the Mini Doge with an iMac?

Yes you just need to figure out the IP it is on in your local network. Even your phone or tablet will connect once you know the IP address.

Is it too late to order this?

When can we order again? Is there away to get notified when they are available?

@VoskCoin , Is there another vosk dogeminer batch sale coming? I got a couple last batch and need a few more! thanks man for what you do.

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same here i’d love to buy a couple :wink: