Goldshell X5 120v or 220v

Ok, I have been looking at the X5, however goldshell (the mfr.) says it needs 220v. I have seen posts of people saying it can run on 120v and also posts that say you need 220v. The low power 660w/600mhs should be more efficient than the minidoge from what I have seen. I can only run on US 120v as I am in an apartment right now. Does anyone have any info on these running on 120v? I know what mfr says, but I am curious with the low power mode if I can just run it on 120v. Any and all info/suggestions are appreciated. I am not locked in on this miner, just looking for options with a 120v option, so any other suggestions besides the mini doge/ck/hs/lb are appreciated. Thanks for any input!

Find a 110 V 1800W 12 Volt PSU

I guess the question is what is the PSU wattage that comes with it? If it’s on its own breaker and it’s a standard 15a, 120v then you can go as high as 1440w (max at 80%).