Goldshell X5 Help Please

Hi everyone,
I am having some trouble setting up my goldshell x5 that I purchased from dxpool. I am able to see the IP of the miner, and I am able to log into the miner without issue. I can go into the pool settings, and enter pool info, but I keep getting the message " Miner pool is not ready yet. Make sure miner is fully constructed and connected to a router". I have tried multiple pools, with the same problem. I have tried dxpool, f2pool, poolin, and I copy the url directly from the pools. I can reboot the miner via my pc… so I know there is an ethernet connection. I am even able to ping the miner in cmd prompt. I am using an asus router, and have shut off AI protection, and the firewall. My antminers are running off the same router without issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been battling with this for HOURS lol. Thanks!

By some unknown miracle it has started mining. I have no idea what fixed it, but about 85 resets later we are up and running!


So just got my x5 3 ours ago I have the same problem. I have a mini doge right next same router same pool. Litecoinpool so I guess I just keep restarting it . I can access and everything just won’t connect to pool.

I do not have that goldshell,
I have a few others, the situation that comes to mind is this.

Most pools give you a url to mine to like “stratum+tcp://”.

Goldshell whant you to drop the prefix. using the above example, the correct url to use would be “”. drop the “stratum+tcp://” part.

Also double check you port #.
If you mining to a pool with a wallet your worker name will be “AccountName.workerName” if mining directly to a wallet its “Walletaddress.WorkerName”
hope this helps.

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I can’t thank you enough for the reply. Correct I had copied the address wrong with stratum tcp 2x. Duh. I fixed that and also tried port 8080 for the fire wall but I think it would have worked on the 3333. The other thing on these when you change settings do a restart. There is no refresh. …low power mode currently hashing 570 after 30 minutes. Thanks again.

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Glad I could be helpful to someone today!

Hey there scr110 , how good are those x5? how noicy are they on low power? and what about those PSU that come with? Im thinking on getting one but I only have one single 240v plug at my house and it’s taken.

Im really liking it so far. I am currently running it on low power mode and getting 612 mh/s on average at about 625 watts. The miner it self is fairly quiet, however the psu is extremely loud. They are using a very high rpm fan, that creates a high pitched sound. It is honestly louder than the miner. These miners need to run on 240.

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I confirm that. The PSU is louder than the miner.