Goldshell X5 MIner

Has anybody had any experience with the X5? Wondering why it’s not listed on the profitability charts on What to mine? Is it still a decent miner to get?

I came here to ask the same thing. I got offered one for what seemed a decent price but I can’t seem to find anyone with real world experience with it.

Goldshell X5 mining calculator :pick: | minerstat

I saw that it is a profitably miner but I was wondering why it isn’t listed on the 2 major asic profitability sites. Thanks for the link though.

My only guess would be they miner its self isnt as popular or they didnt make many of them

I see BT miner has them for sale now. Anyone have experience with these?

is there a reason why Goldshell is hiding the specs side on their website?

for the first time here i realised that GS made the comparison between the different powerrates and the hashrate. Did not see/realise that before:

when I can trust me thinking and the calculation of minerstat, then it is more effective to run it on low power mode than to run it on hashrate mode. :thinking:

At least for me with electric cost of .35ct/Kwh the low power mode would bring a lot more profit.