Good PC to buy to mine for a beginner to learn

LOVING THE channel! thanks for all the info. new to mining, would love some help buying my first set-up, I was thinking of just getting a PC ( to learn how to mine ), happy to buy via an affiliate link. but what would you recommend. to be honest, I would happily build one myself, with all your links, but everything is out of stock. I only want to buy new for my first rig. again happy to buy via your affiliate links. Can you give me a current list to set up a windows mining rig. ? or any users! thanks again!

Just buy a cheap ASIC off ebay. L3++ or a S9J @ 14.5TH ( less than $600 with PSU ) … even cheaper is the L3+ and S9 @ 13TH ( less than $450 with PSU ) .

Start with these and learn the reading of the hash and interface.

You try to setup even a low end PC based unit you are looking at $4000 and at that rate you might as well spend $6000 and get a ASIC that makes $30 a day in returns.

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Where are you getting your prices from? All l3’s I’ve seen are going to be about $900 plus… @Miner388

You’re absolutely right that PC based mining can be that expensive, but I think for most beginners ASIC mining can be hard to get into. The Antminer S9’s you mentioned both lose money right now, but the L3+ and L3++ both make around $2 a day after electric costs.

I think it really depends on what kind of electric rate @Grandst has and if he has the capacity to run two L3+'s for 1600W. I mainly mine with graphics cards due to my own power restraints, there are people on YouTube building mining rigs with AMD RX6600’s and I am doing that myself since the cards only take around 50W each and make about $1.60/day and I found them on Best Buy for ~$500 each.

@Grandst it just depends on what you can find, I recommend watching some Red Panda Mining or The Hobbyist Mining

Thanks for all that info. i think im looking at GPU mining more then ASIC, to start with. i guess im mac user, ( dont hold that to me ! ahah ) so ill start with just getting a gaming PC to start with start mining on that see how i go. Ive been mining RVN on my new MacBook PRo, MAx. makes has a hash rate of about 12, its fun to see it make about .50cents a day.

I would check with best buy to see if they have any of those RX6600’s for ~$500, it’s a good way to start without costing you an arm and a leg in power costs. Although I know they make the most money on 2Miners Ethereum pool, which is what personally use so I can get payouts in bitcoin to avoid those fees.

Here is a calculator for that GPU if you’re interested.
AMD RX 6600 mining calculator :pick: | minerstat

I mined using my kids gaming computer that has a 3060 ti and we paid 1700 canadian on sale from 2k I think… I stumbled into realizing what we bought and what it can do… it makes about 3usd a day… not sure 4k is a requirement…

-4-pin to 6-pin PCI power adapter ( I needed this to connect stuff)
-PSU (you might need 2, depending on how many watts your GPU’s + Rig + fans use)
-24-pin jumper (for second PSU)
-SSD (don’t cheep out with a disk drive, SSD is fast and worth it)
-Motherboard (gigabyte GA-H110-D3A, OR ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+)
-Open Air Mining Case (metal frame only)
-Monitor (optional, but needed at startup for loading operating systems[windows, linux, Hive])
-SSD/SATA III Hard Drive Connection Cables (1 x 4 Pin to Dual 15 Pin SATA Power Splitter Cable, 1 x 15 Pin to Dual 15 Pin SATA Power Splitter Cable),
-2-PIN SW power cable (on/off)
-PCI-E Riser cable, 16X to 1X (6PIN/MOLEX/SATA) (buy enough Plus extra, maybe 2x what you need)
-Thermo Compound (glue for CPU/fan)
-operating system (if you don’t know what to use, buy windows with a Key from Microsoft on a flash stick)
-Some extra (cheap) fans that have 4-PIN or Molex connecter (for air flow/cooling overall)

Always check your motherboard specs to make absolutely sure you get a compatible CPU , RAM and GPU types. Also make sure your PSU has tons of extra power connecters/cable. You want a PSU that you plug into , not one with pre-wired cables coming out of it.

This list may not be complete, I just grabbed some old notes I made in the past. You should watch a step by step video to build a rig. find a video of the rig you want and build that. I’m a fan of GPU mining even though it’s not as popular or profitable as ASIC. I don’t like those 3rd party miners like (nicehash). A miner with integrity mines for themselves with there own programs. I view 3rd party mining apps as the “centralization” Satoshi is fighting against. That said, mine for yourself and run a CLI blockchain wallet like a pro. Don’t mine to an exchange so other people can immediately profit from Crypto You created.

Hope that list gives you info to ponder. Cheers.

Thanks for taking the time with that reply. Good bit of information to run with.