Good wallets for spec mining?

(totally changed the topic here) Anyone know any good speculative mining wallets? been using atomic but they dont have hardly any small market cap coins (i dislike having a ton of core wallets on my pc. already have the neoxa one lol)

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You’re not going to find a multi-wallet with Coin, they are all tokens and the Big5 Coins like BTC , BCH, LTC , XMR.
The crypto world is drifting away from real value Coins mined fairly by normal people and gravitating toward Tokens printed (all at once) with the backing of large banks and financial institutions.

With Coins things like Staking and Usury are not obtainable.

That said, Core Wallets it is. Or use TradeOgre (exchange) wallets. TradeOgre focuses on “Mined Coins” not “Distributed Tokens”. The Core wallet keeps you safe though. Lets not forget MetaMask is largely owned by JP Morgan, Who openly says they report “everything” to the US Government, and to be clear by “everything” they mean the contents of your MetaMask wallet along with IP addresses and any associated Emails.

Your Keys, Your Crypto. I know of not 1 multi token wallet that does not have a centralized backup system. None of the hardware multi-wallets actually “Securely hold your keys” (they connect to a centralized server, that is also a LTC lightning network, that also offers staking and also does trading, as well as connect to external AMM’s so that the group can sell crypto back to their own users) Your keys, your delusion. Tangen is a fine example of how stupid manufactures assume all crypto people to be. A centralized crypto bank that lures people in with a gimmick that in no way provides any new layer of security.

Core wallets A-hoy. Might I suggest loading/installing them onto a Flash drive? Got my self a fancy 128 BG flash stick (for like 10 bucks) that I load all my QT and CLI wallets onto. Part of the reason I do this is so I can update them all, around the same time. So about once per week I’ll plug in my stick, catch up my blocks and double check my Coins to what the web says I was paid. That Idea is hit & miss, I have had some core/CLI that require being installed (mainly FireAntz and NioBio and old Graft)

I must say though. TradeOgre. I can blab a storm, but simply said, TO has your back.


Thank you for the informative information as always :<) ok ill just use core wallets haha. Meowcoin looking good for solo mining :slight_smile: (currently struggling to get a single neoxa block with 27m/hs) kinda trying to solo some low dif spec coins.

Edit: i officially stopped trying to solo neoxa. moving to MEWC