Got a 3080, how do I optimize it?

So like any noob to mining I ma running Nicehash. Careful to use known public links to avoid scammer/twinned sites. Crypto being what it is. I have a Palit 3080 with bad memchip cooling. GPU core at under 70c and mem at about 108c. Non scientific scratching on the back plate suggests it might be plastic or heavily coated (more probable). Had to buy it with case with bad cooling so running with side panel off, took me down from being 70% limited due to heat throttling to now 100% load capable but 80+ MH/s sometimes reaching over 95mh/s guessing due to heat issues.

Ditch nicehash and mine for yourself, don’t rent out your hash power, run Trex miner and mine ETH, and download MSI Afterburner reduce power to 60%, reduce core clock, increase memory clock. I reccomend running NB miner if you plan on mixing Nvidia and AMD gpu’s

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Do you have any links to guides on how to set those up?
I am also looking into ways to provide better vram cooling, other than water cooling and hopefully without having to remove the back plate as it has warranty void stickers over the screws.

Link for MSI Afterburner

Link forthe newest NB miner (I figured I’d just send the NB miner link so that way you can run both AMD and Nvidia or Nvidia only if you wanted to)

video for setup

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search in YouTube:

MisFit Mining
Rabid Mining

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