GPU frustrations

THis is my first post here hoping to find a place to ask caption dummy type questions…
I started GPU mining a couple years ago, running on Nicehash. with a single machine with assorts 8GB cards, RX580, RX570 (had 2 but one died) and a RX470.
the RC470 started running hot so I set it back to medium speed in the Nicehash webpage and it’s be ok on temp since.
about a week ago the RX580 started having trouble, first the fans were runs slow, around 1000rpm, so I shut it off over night til the next day when I was awake enough to try to figure it out. The next day fans speeds were back up but running hot. I bought new fans off ebay, no change, so I put new thermal paste on, and cleaned the heatsink, no change, did it again, not change, put the original fans back on, no change, on high it goes to around 88C and fans are turn around 3500rpm, on medium it’s around 76C fans still going full out, on low it’s at 63C and fans at 2940rpm, 22MH.
So I’m getting frustrated with it. My only conclusion is the card is on it’s way out, or something has changed in miner specific to the RX580.
I have better quality thermal paste ordered ( Noctua NT-H1) but I doubt it’s make a big difference, but I’m out of thermal paste so I need more anyway.
I’m just really open to suggestions on what to do next. I enjoying tinkers with mining, I’ve been playing with computers since 1979 (not a typo)
I’ve though about Helium mining, but that’s seems to be dying already and I’m in Canada in a small town apartment and the next mine is 25 miles away.
I started in to SCPrime and bailed on that as it seemed fakey and like to never make money.
I want to keeping going mining to make some extra cash because I’m on a disability income. I just can’t decide what direction to go…
Sorry for the long winded post/semi-rant/venting thing… Just had to put it all out there.

btw: EvilSmurf is my CB handle, yes I’m that old.