GPU invalid shares

So what is an acceptable invalid share percentage? Should I just tune down cards so they don’t get any invalid shares? Currently my rig is doing a little under 1% of invalid or rejected shares.

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The best amount of invalid shares is zero, but having an occasional 1-3%% that goes back to zero in a few blocks doesn’t seem to hurt.

Rejected shares though indicate problems with temperature, or internet connection. Speed affects temperature so lowering the clock Mhz will help with rejected shares. You don’t want to have any rejected shares.

If you have a constant % of invalid shares, your mining profit is reduced by a similar amount. It is offset by the increased hashrate above what will reduce the invalid shares. It’s all in the Mhz core clocks

Another thing, try a pool closer to your local area. If you are in the USA, try a USWest or USEast pool to reduce latency. Consider your CPU and memory temps too, unlikely, but you could be stressing them out as well.

Thanks, I am in a pool that is in the us, I have gig up and down so internet speed isn’t the issue. I have lowered down some of my cards that are getting invalid shares and that seems to be helping a lot. I have only lost about 1 Mh/s so far. Thanks for the help!

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