GPU mining ETH GPU different temps

Running 2 1080 ti’s. 1 is at 68 degrees C and the 2nd is at 84 degrees C. Any reason for the almost 20 degree difference? Is this normal?

It’s not unheard of. You might need to clean the fan on the hotter card, or reapply thermal paste.

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes the heat pipes on the cooler leak causing them to fail at dissipating heat. If you have not changed thermal compound I would try that first.

What are the fan speeds at? Are you using afterburner?

Ill look and see. Thanks!

Yes afterburner
GPU 1 is at 66C with fan at 60%
GPU 2 is at 84C with fan at 60%

What are your power and overclock settings?

I dont know how to overclock them properly with msi afterburner if you knew how that would help. As for power idk what youre asking. Its set at 100 limit idk how to use everything fully I just monitor as im learning how to overclock in it.

Lower power limit to 80 and see how Temps react. Also, take fan off auto and maybe set to 65 or 70%. See what happens. I’m curious if the temperature will drop drastically.

What are you farming? And if they are 1080 TI’s they should be 11GB of memory.

it was ETH I was farming

Also you were right they were 11 GB which was what I thought but I thought I saw something that said 3gb but I think I just misread it.