GPU mining hardware build error

I’m a fresh crypto mining person. recently I constructed a mining rig with
Asrock steel legend B450
atheron 3000g processor
and Msi ventus 2x RTX 3060ti GPU

where I’m unable to generate the full hashrate .

while installing . My integrated graphics did not work.
so I plugged my Hdmi cable directly to the GPU.
will this affect the performanceof the GPU while mining.

did I construct the physical connections of the rig in a wrong manner.
please help me out.
I’m generating only 50mhs insted of 60mhs…

While I love that CPU I think there might be some support bottlenecks in that CPU for a GPU mining rig. A connected display can have an impact on hash rates but it is usually fairly negligible. What exactly is the software being used for mining?

Some users with LHR cards are reporting lower hashrates than that, could be a matter of just over clocking properly though if you are indeed getting 50+ mh/s.

The software most miners use for ETH LHR unlocking is T-Rex I believe.

The Athlon 3000G includes 6 PCIe lanes - 4 for a discrete graphics processor and 2 for chipset. You could be having lane issues, I had issues getting multiple cards working on a rig due to lanes being used by the newer nvme SSDs.

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So as of your statement. the bottle necking is due to the processor…??
I’ve only one Gpu mining now, I’m planning to buy extra 5 Gpu’s . for mining.

Wont I be able to mine with all the GPU’s with the same processor…

can I connect all the GPU’s disabling the chipset graphics…

hear my Gpu core clock is 70% of its baseclock
while mem clock is runnign at 100% fo baseclock

meanwhile CPU’s performance 12% at 1s
12% at 2s
24% at 3s
62% at 4s
and this keeps repeating

does this hashrate depend on the memory clock frequency…

I will connect extra 5 cards within sunday…

so what shalI do to get max effeciency of 63mhs . on all the 6 crds

Ideally any card mining should work on pci 4.0 x 1 without problems. You can see on lots of rigs just a bunch of PCIe x1 slots but they are most likely gen 3. So you are able to use risers to actually expand those slots to accommodate multiple gpus at x1 speed.

Apparently these guys on reddit have discussed the same or similar issues.

In the comments below you can see two users agreeing that Gen 3 PCIe speed is the minimum per this particular gpu.

Its looking like you can pull off a pseudo LHR unlock by using some sort of driver trick although im not sure about it because ive not done it yet.

As for overclocks:

Ive not had ANY luck with anything above default CClocks. I have recently decided -cclock 0 to be my most useable parameter for GTX 10xx, A6000 and RTX 30xx.

However I have had ample luck adjusting MClocks from 0 to +700(max) on GTX 10xx rigs.

I have had even better luck with -mclock +1200 for RTX 3090s and A6000.

As for power limit, you should let the power hungry cards (TDP ~300W) use most of their power; if you can dial it down so be it. But for the ~120W cards you should choke the power by around -30% to maximize KH/Joule.

Make sure you set:

Fan target: 75-80 degrees.
Throttle start: after fans cant keep up efficiently.
GPU stop: thermal delta usually around ~83.
GPU start: just above lowest temp that the other gpus allow it to cool to, usually ~65.

In reality you should be running less than ~50% cpu with 8 cards running full bore; the only cpu intensive miners I know about are XMrig for RandomX and the Folding@Home program.

I want to go back to the CPU also each CPU has a limit to the number of PCIe lanes, and the number you see with a PCIe slot is its number of lanes ie x16 is 16 lanes, now to mine a GPU only needs 1 lane so x1 risers are great they limit your lanes for the GPU to 1 physically but any CPU with a iGPU the iGPU also will use lanes and you can’t control how many it uses. So if a CPU only supports 20 lanes and the iGPU uses 6 you are left with 14 and if you run a M.2 NVMe drive it is likely using 4 so now you are down to 10 lanes. so even for a GPU rig the CPU will matter weather you mine with it or not.

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my processor has 6 pcie lanes and 2 of which are for integrated graphics…
and if we disable igpu we will get totally 6gpu’s
I have two 16 pin pcie slots in my motherboard
and four 1 pin pcie slots on my motherboard
so … no problem with connections…

My doubt is that weather… the processor that is funning on 3 GHZ

will be able to 6 1.6ghz 3060ti cards…

Im using nicehash quick miner as my mining software… with optimization…
where they have automated Lhr unlocks
and Im running on LTE mode… which Is lower to Medium, High…

meanwhile my cc is 1320
and mc is 7600
while running in LTE mode…

I prefer running in less effecient mode for the purpouse of safeguarding my hardware…