GPU Mining help

I want to do gpu mining I can help me for this I can give you real correct values, I am waiting for real information thanks

not worst gpu mining right now my 6x gpu rig mining eth at 0.17usd kwh profit right now between 0,90-1.30usd per day let say earnings between 1.50-3usd you check how much time you need get back your invested money. let say profit will be stable 2usd per day in 1 year you ear 730usd with 6x gpu with 32.2mhs per card with 730 you will not buy hole kit it will be over 730. so to return your money take over 1 year plus eth move to staking its mean your profit going more down as dont have any coin same profit, if you have free power for you all coins is profitable other wise possible you lost money second thing is dag file to with 8gb cards will be minable around 3-4 more. think better or it worst invest better wait till eth move to 2.0 after will be 100% see witch coin is profitable and with gpu you need to buy get profit