GPU Mining in College (help)

Hi, I am very new to mining and cryptocurrency entirely, but I have been trying to learn more and I have used my 1080 TI in my gaming pc to make about $30 every month using Kryptex. I ordered a 3090 ti recently (was going to for gaming purposes as well as mining), and I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to mine than I have in the past. My current plan is to update my power supply to a 2000 watt unit and run both gpu’s on kryptex to mine bitcoin, but with the new rise in etherium I am kind of stumped on what to do. Also, know that I don’t have to account for the cost of electricity, as it is covered through my tuition in college. Any input would be greatly appreaciated!

I used nicehash before with a vega64 graphics card. It is very simple to setup and you can choose what you mine. Not sure if the place you use currently allows that or not. Or you may be able to mine Bitcoin but have it converted to etherium as it is paid out

So the average btc transfer fee is about $23 or Between 0.001 and 0.0001 btc . I would suggest getting your payout’s in a crypto that transfers for cheaper. You could probably get it paid/transferred to you with LTC and trade it for BTC yourself for much cheaper. LTC transfers for .06 - .60 cents for any amount and then a trade fee (on an exchange) of 0.05 cents to $1.25 .

LTC is just an idea, any crypto’s that transfer for cheaper than BTC is the real idea.

And my real opinion. You’re in college, do not dumb down and settle for nicehash or some scam website the “mines for you”. Nutt up and run a real mining program and mine into your own wallet. Like a big boy who actually likes crypto and is not grifting off the cyber world for free Satoshi’s. ( I’m not trying to be offensive, just trying to drive the point home)

Note: Never trade your PoW mined “Coins” for Tokens… never. (I mean ETH, ETH is pre-minted/printed… don’t aspire to hold digital fiat printed out by the unbacked Russian kids, with a centralized server/blockchain hosted China )

Honestly laughed my ass off when I read this, but I get what you’re saying and I appreciate the advice. I’ll look more into what you suggested and learn the basics of mining. Thanks!

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I use nicehash, and they have a lightning node. I use the lightning network to withdrawal my funds for no fees haha. Until I bring them onchain, which I send as a larger chunk so its more worth it.

What are the best mining programs for a rig with 6 x GPUs? What can you suggest I look at? Please.

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Best, is subjective due to many factors.
Each type of crypto has it’s own mining programs and apps. No single program mines all types of crypto’s. Certain operating systems contain a bunch of programs so that operating system can mine many types of crypto. (such as HiveOS or NiceHash) But everything has its catch’s. A mining Operating systems pro would be -a lot of updates and mining programs to switch crypto easy , Con- nothing is for free, they take a % and direct you towards pools they run or have deals with. So just getting the individual app or program yourself might reward more.
A big issue I have with mining operating systems is that is distances the information/data from the operator (miner/You). Something like overclocking or fan/heat control (via Afterburner) is not possible or glitchy with Mining OS’s.

In most cases you will get the mining program or app from the mining pool, or at least an idea of what programs to use. All of that will be determined by the mining algorithm you choose.

Just to spell it out, lets look at a couple cases (pools, algo’s , programs)
At > on the Get Started tab > They have various options for Nvidia, AMD and CPU in various algorithms for the coins and tokens they mine. That is a Multi-pool so they offer a lot.
To take that idea a little smaller and local look at Conceal Mining Pool - That pool is a Conceal only pool/info (hashvaults has many other pools). So that page only offers Cryptonight Algorithm mining programs.

So after all of that, there is a Best in some cases, often it’s preference. Between AMD and Nvidia there are better programs depending which type of GPU you use. And that furthers due to the type of crypto. Certain crypto’s do better with certain miner types and certain Algorithms do better with specific miners. Some crypto’s just mine better with AMD or Nvidia and not the other. Certain apps are more adjustable (or tweakable).

So all in all, the type of crypto you want to mine would be step one. From there, the mining pool should be able to provide you options of Apps and Programs.

A serious note to this whole topic. A Rule of Thumb in crypto is to “always get your crypto programs from GitHub”. Most mining pools direct users to GitHub for the downloads, others don’t and instead offer direct downloads. (sometimes it is a Version issue) Generally said ‘always get downloads from Github’ but sometimes you just roll with the punches at a risk.

Another possible issue you might have is Operating System and GPU compatibility. Meaning Windows has issues past 4 GPU’s. Maybe that has been fixed with Windows 11 (I doubt it) , so that might be an issue you’ll have. If you’re using windows and have issues making a mining program recognize your GPU’s, that’s OK. Plenty of info exist to turn on extra GPU’s (on windows) and … other tricks to the trade, often I just use TeamRedMiner “List_GPU” app before running other mining programs. Meaning if I just turn on my Rig, then start mining it might not recognize all my GPU’s and make my mining program go glitchy. So before I start mining, I’ll run the List_GPU app to make sure all of my GPU’s are functioning correctly then turn on the miner.