GPU Mining Rig for Sale/Trade (Sold)

Just noting this was sold in case anyone ever goes back and tries to read these old posts.

I need to cut down on my electric usage for some other devices. I have a ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT mother board that supports up to 13 GPUs, with 4 GB Ram, and a celeron g3930 (2.9 duo core) w/fan. The GPU is a 5700 Raedon with 8 GB. EVGA Gold rated 1,000 power supply. It’s a 6 GPU aluminum frame (that admittedly, doesn’t match the MB form factor) with all the screws and original attachments. 250 GB Western Digital SSD. Wireless USB and 6 GPU risers included. Willing to negotiate and keep the Power Supply/HDD, but want to move the case, GPU, and MB together. DM me with any offers if interested.