Gpu not registering HIVEOS

So I have 1x gtx 1070 and 1x gtx 1060 6gb and the 1060 is on riser (riser is VER009S). The 1070 is working fine but the 1060 isn’t even showing up, on windows same thing. I tried taking the 1070 out and test the 1060 and to my suprise it works 100%, then I tried to HIVEOS and again it worked. As soon as I put my 1070 to the mobo and 1060 to riser the 1060 won’t show up (the fans are spinning when I turn it on.)

I have a 700w psu and Asus prime B450M-A

There are only 2 possible causes for this

  1. your PCI-e settings of the board (PCI-e slot one is almost always 16x, the rest of the slots depends on the manufacturer) if the riser is hooked up to a PCI-e x1 slot, the card will not work.
  2. the riser is defective or powered incorrectly

I would put the 1060 onto the board and the 1070 connect to the riser to test a bit. Since this is a fairly new board, I doubt its caused from the PCI-e settings. I think its most likely a riser issue.
Make sure you turn on 4Gb mining setting of the board.

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Also set pcie settings to Gen 2 and test that

Did you solve this? I’m having the same problem with a 1060 not even showing up in HiveOS.

Bios settings must also include above 4g decoding ON
Bios settings affect whether the GPU Drivers will load.
If there is a problem with the card having enough resources due to other hardware using all the memory addresses for the resources The drivers will not function and the video card will not show up.
You could try booting windows and looking at the device manager >> graphics adapters to see if the drivers load correctly. Once they do, you may have better results in Linux (hiveOS).
Bios also has a setting on which video source to initialize 1st, onboard or PEG (pcie graphics).
HiveOS has advanced settings for older gpu’s. Like the longevity pill, etc. but the card must be seen 1st.
In windows if you get a code 12 not enough resources in device manager, you can google the registry hack in Hkey/local Machine/ …PCI to add a double word (dWord) or 64 bit Qword, value 600 hex to a new key hack.