GPU or ASIC for the same price?

I know people will have personal favorites for whatever reasons, but if you only cared about the investment and return, what would you buy with $2500? 2 ASIC Z11s or build a GPU rig?

I am currently building a rig with that budget in mind I just cannot spend that much on something that could be obsolete in 6 months and have 0 resale value when that happens at least a GPU rig has value besides mining and will keep its value if mining goes away.

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I believe it would be a safe bet to get the most efficient BTC miner possible!

Maybe a S19 95TH, or what’sminer M31S+ 82TH?

As far as GPU mining, If you have a good power rate you would get more bang for your buck going second hand. I see 6 GPU 4gb RX470 rigs for 750 CAD on ebay, you could get three or four rigs. you could get two 2080ti. According to NH calculator you would make $0.50/day more with 3 x RX470 rigs (18gpu) than 2 x 2080ti which makes about $2usd per day after power

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@StuartM one thing to think about as well. an ASIC is more of a one trick pony. your GPU rig should be able to mine quite a few different things. just know your ASIC will shred but it will eventually be obsolete. that GPU rig will run and will be able to switch around as you choose. we have both ASIC and GPU and we got the z9mini just to mine zen/zec. i love my GPU because we can do ETH and then any spec coins we want. oh yeah… ASICs are a lot LOUDER than you GPU mining rig and will pull a lot more power than most GPU rigs will.