GPU Plug and Play?

I purchased a PNY XRL8 1660 OC edition GPU a few weeks ago and swapped the old GPU in my desktop so I could learn how to mine. I am picking up a second one today, and my question is can I just add it to my system and be good to go? I have a 750 power supply and enough slots on my motherboard to just add it. This will give me 2 a PNY XLR8 1660 OC (which has been very smooth) and a PNY XLR8 1660 Super OC on the same system. Thanks for the help.

Yes since it is the exact same card you should have no problem plugging in and running immediately

Great, thanks! How is your build coming? Looks like you are making really good progress.

This is so much fun to me! I was already day trading for a a living so I know a little about investments and this might not be my most profitable one but it sure is the most fun. I feel like every dollar I spent is just sitting in the bank earning me interest in the form of mining profits and if I ever want my money back I can still get close to wait I paid for my hardware plus keep the gains from mining. Then there is all the education I am getting with it which makes this more profitable than just cash money. Plus this is the same as wasting money on entertainment imo