GPU Source Needed

I have 28 acres I’m looking to start a crypto mining farm. I know GPU’s and ASICS are hard to get at a fair price now but was wondering if anyone had any connections for bulk orders. I’m a developer with General Contractor License and will be building the buildings at cost. Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thank you

Aliexpress stockx bestbuy new egg. Aliexpress has some good deals on pre built gpu miners containing 8 g p u s various kinds. Constantly changing prices and stock.

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GOLDSHELL direct is having thie big miners come into stock. Double check that its the real site not scammer.

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Thank you so much!

I do a lot of procurement work and have connections in the GPU Department. If you can get me the details such as the QTY and kind of GPU you are looking for I can see what I can get. Note this would be from the manufacturer / Supplier and not a Newegg, Visions or Best Buy.


I’ve heard aliexpress is tough due to alot of scams. I must have heard wrong

Aliexpress I am unsure of as I have heard good and bad. Best to do your own due diligence when placing orders.

Update: I got both my kd boxes one from Goldshell one from an authorized store on aliexpress. Price identical. Good so far.