Gpus for a 1st build

So I’ve bought a 12 gpu rig from mining cave prefaced (I do t want any electrical or silly issues beachside I’m a dummy, so I figured I’d pay the premium… the plan is to start acquiring gpus… lol hopefully.
Today I picked up two 3060 tis and a 2060. I overpaid for the 3060tis at 1200 each and the 2060 was retail in stock for 750… since I plan to dump 12 I to this thong I believe I can use a variety of gpus etc but am I restricted to certain brands to load this things with 12 gpus?

Wait, you paid 1200 american dollars? Those green ones with presidents and/or diplomat on the face? For 3060 ti? Seriously? Or were those singapur dollars?

Oh, those must be non-lhr, than OK. Sorry

Any idea as to the answer to the question I the subject line?
Also it’s canadian dollars

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In my opinion you should never mix brands of GPU cards and in the model numbers, you should run 2 sets of 4 of each model. that is only a 8 GPU rig, but dealing with 8 will be hard enough. Build to a working point and test 1 day at each point. Dont try to jump from 0 to 12 and expect it to just come together and work in 3 or 4 hours. More like 36-48 hours of build time and diagnostics.

i have a solid 36 hours of forum creeping and youtube watching behind me pal… I got this… I kid… I appreciate this… when I bought the one in store today, the guy smirked when I asked if there was a limit on them… i guess this is new to me, but not a secret to people who know… thanks again for the tips

I am a newbie myself :slight_smile: my rig is 2 x 1080 tis Asus, 3060 ti HP non lhr, 3060 ti Gigabyte, 3060 ti Gigabyte Aurus, 3060 ti EVGA 2 fans. Zero hw errors and restarts for days… windows 11, Trex miner. Bought 3070 ti to add, waiting for delivery…. I buy on ebay filtering accepting offers, making offers and on Stockx as well. Try