gpu's from china

I would like to know of any experiences buying gpu’s from
i have used china before with no problems but it always looks sketchy.
has anyone else tried it? the prices are too good to be true buy again its china.

Real Talk, its like Russian roulette. The chances of actually getting the card model you ordered is astronomically low. play it safe, stick to Amazon at least. I am seeing hacked Ebay accounts selling GTX 1080ti for 79.99 they are not real don’t buy them. Walmart was just on another YouTube channel shipping the Alibaba scam specials so who knows lol :slight_smile:

too good to be true: 100% it is, dont do it.
Alibaba nope
aliexpress nope
Scam websites are poppin up everywhere also, research first is it a scam etc.
Ebay - i am staying away from there, just be cautious.

gpu war of 2021, it’s on don’t lose your cash for mining hardware bro! :slight_smile:

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