Green Energy Farm For Sale......UPDATE

Some people were wondering about the $1,200,000. price…that is what I was asking before auction…High bid so far is $400k. I will keep price updated here as well as on FSBO.

My plans for my farm has changed and I must sell. I am taking offers for the month of September…highest bid wins. Check out the link to this awesome opportunity to create your own hydro power plant… free green energy for mining, house, and car.

Please feel free to ask all questions here and I will get back with you ASAP.


Ok, I’m not in the market. But let me be the first to say that your pics of the property look amazing. Glws!


Latest update…The person that bid did not come through with the money ! I am so tired of lame people ! The FTX blow up does not help my view of humanity !

So it looks like I will be keeping the farm, since no one sees the value or beauty in it…I take that back…everyone who visits is blown away and sees the beauty and potential but does not step up to the plate.

So my new idea is to invite like minded people that would like to live off grid, be self suficient are into permaculture and would like to be involved in building a hydro electric facility to mine. crypto.

Contact me with any questions or comments.

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That’s awesome land, how much electricity do you think you can generate, do you have any hydro running or just planning? Cheers

Hey Shredz,

Nothing running yet…wasn’t planning on staying here, but since no one seems to be interested in purchasing the farm, I will get it going when I have the time. I am tide up right now being a caregiver.

From the numbers an engineer put together I would be able to generate enough power for at least 6 houses. I have been looking at the Turbulent product and it seems it will be a good fit.


What a beutiful place you have. Charleston is a great place too… I am from the west coast and in S. Oregon for now.

I watch this channel and perhaps you could get some ideas to use that hydro power… but from the pix… you’d have to take alot of trees down to put enough solar there… I’d go with both. Wish you luck on selling it…

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Hey Brucester, So you have been to Charleston? wow small world. I thought I might have ended up on the left coast, (prob northern CA ) but not so sure now with all the fires, land slides and Fukushima still has not been contained and sharing radioactivity with everyone. So probably will stay put. I have looked into solar. The field I have gets sun all day. I will be growing food in that area but should be able to utilize the space for solar as well.
Its funny I had just found Land to Home channel a couple weeks ago. He seems to have a lot of good projects going. Thanks for the heads up !

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Hey there… I’ve been trucking past it about 20 yrs ago… but have never had a load from there. Love the coast… Crescent City…? Great area, but I can’t stand Commiefornia. Am from there, but it wasn’t my choice. Lived in Sacto for a good 35 yrs. Radioactivity…! Wow… haha… Got a garden huh…? Nice.

I like that channel… he gets motivated with a project and he figures it out. That’s inspiration for guys like me.


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