Grin ASIC are Out

Atlast the Ipollo company released their Grin Miners
First, there is G1 Mini Miner 1.4 - 1.75 GPS in C31 & C32
And, G1 miner 43 GPS

G1 has not yet been released while G1 Mini Miner is out of stock released on Dec 15 I think…
These are sold at 1000$ in AKMiner website, I can get them Cheaper for you
The total production numbers of G1-mini in this batch is less than 1,000 and they have stopped the sales in Mainland China to stop Scalpers

The Grin community reserved 50 Mini Miners for their Forum Members and I am One of them

I want to pass this oppurtunity to willing people who missed buying in Minis

If any wants the G1 mini Miner Message me


@VoskCoin @RonnieDennies504

Outrageous a $500 miner that they are reselling for $1000 dollars. you make only 14 grin a day/ at current prices .50 the ROI = 7 dollars a day minus electricty cost. (which is minimal since its compact and efficient 100W)

Future ROI

Better off waiting for the next batch and buy directly from Manufacturer. Now that’s worth it.

I have 2 Minis for sale which I have reserved from the forum at the base price of the Miner . See the 2nd link