GRIN exchange help

Need a lil help. What’s the best exchange to sale or trade GRIN? Been to a few and haven’t found any luck. Kucion, FTX, coinbase etc… Most of them they are not lit up,so I guess they are paused.

I’m curious about this as well. I’ve been eyeing the grin miner but without an exchange or method to be able to use in New York I’ve been hesitant.

I haven’t done this yet with my Grin but I wanted to share this video. Ipollo G1 Mini Grin Miner Tutorial! Mining Pool, Grin++ Wallet & Tradeogre Exchange! - YouTube .

thx for the info, ill check it out

I have a G1 mini mining at 2miners. That pays out to Grin+++ wallet on a PC that’s open all the time so it can receive. I send it to where I can trade it.
Horrible, but functional

How often does 2miners pay out to your Grin++ wallet? I received 3 payouts the first week that I was mining with that setup, but since then I haven’t received any other payouts and I’ve got 200+ grin sitting around as an unpaid balance. I check every day to make sure my wallet software is still online but haven’t received anything lately.

The 2 Miners and Grin++ system seems a ittle crazy.

Amount ツ Address Date
38.257549033 5 minutes ago Receiving (Unconfirmed)
57.489615257 3 days ago Received
12.150671137 7 days ago Received
50.534376738 8 days ago Received
111.347992633 11 days ago Received
23.628976791 19 days ago Received

This is what I’m getting in Grin ++ so far.

My Grin++ wallet crashes a lot. So payments stack up at 2miners

Amount ツ
35.60576316 about 10 hours ago
33.68646917 4 days ago
19.76385181 7 days ago
37.31941972 15 days ago
21.0192352 18 days ago
41.9754937 20 days ago
143.3381657 24 days ago
20.77522717 about 1 month ago

So Grin++ wallet will get paid when I go make sure it’s actually working which isn’t ideal.
I took about 4 days off Grin and did the firmware update and did MWC to Hotbit. Payments took near on a week to arrive and was less profitable than Grin, so I went back to Grin mining.