Grin miner not so happy face

What would you do? Is anyone else in the same position?

The Grin asic miner fom Innosilicon was not, for whatever reason, to be and in January they offered a full refund. Nothing has happened. Initially there was the Covid excuse but now - 6 months later - no reason given other than ‘you will receive this soon’.

Should I wave goodbye to my £2000? I email every week for an update and get the same non-committal response. Do I have any recourse? Looking for some voskcoin community advice to turn that sad face back to a Grin.

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Where did you ordered the miner?

Write reviews on as many places as possible! But before that tell it to them also!

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@Antimony51 the ASIC game is brutal… I wish you luck on your recovery of funds.

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Thanks guys. I ordered it directly from innosilicon. Thing is they’ve been great for me before, very reliable. I’ve tweeted about it, emailed, etc etc. The most they’ve ever said is usd refunds take longer than btc, but 6 months? I still hold out hope, but it’s dwindling.


Yes, 6 months is way too long time to get money back! Are they sending cash dollars by sailing boat? :joy: