Grin ++ wallet help

I mine grin to the grin ++ wallet. I am having problems finding an exchange to sell it on and how to move it to an exchange. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

I am in the same situation.

Have a look here

I am mining MWC instead of GRIN and sending it to whitebit wallet

CoinEx, and all the other ones do no longer permit Grin deposits. Node maintenance they say.

Wasn’t aware, thats another good reason to move from GRIN to MWC

How do I do that? I am interested as I am caught right now.

Which miner are you using?
I have several ipollo G1 minis and mining on woolypooly pool with only 0.9% fees easy to set up as well

I have the same one G1mini

Is it profitable?

woolypooly seems to have shutdown GRIN pool where i was mining to. The wallet and funds are gone.

Yes - I check everything every day or two and found my G1 mini on MWC had stopped hashing. I started a support call with ipollo but worked out it is fine on Grin at other pools so contacted Woolypooly. They announced that they were closing the GRIN amd MWC pools on a channel I don’t appear to be on.
I have GRIN on 2miners and MWC on Herominers now.