Grow Tent for cooling ASIC miners

I have two KD Maxes and wanted to use a grow tent along with AC Infinity T8 for removing hot air and a T6 for being in cool air. I have seen many videos on using this technique but with GPU mining. Does this actually work? Any thoughts or advice appreciated.



Works great and gives you a backup plan in case mining doesn’t work out!

I’d be sure to intake as much air as you’re exhausting so you don’t have any negative pressure within the tent. You probably wouldn’t have much with the difference between the two fans you mentioned, but something to consider.

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Thanks for that info and glad it works. Would a T6 be enough to move the hot air out of the tent? The tent is 48x24x72.

You might end up needing two, and two T8s might not be enough but the nice thing with my AC Infinity fans is they can be dialed up and down. Maybe start with a couple T8s, one for cool air and one for hot, see how that goes and then add if you need to. This is the fun part of mining to me. Figuring out what works best for your set up.

Also, not sure where you live but keep in mind…winter is coming. Heat your house with those bad boys.

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Thanks so much! I will start with two T8s and see how it goes.

What’s the point of using a grow tent. Can’t be for sound? Or for good ventilation? What are the cons of using a tent? It seems like a huge waste of money like ac units

To me, it pools the hot air in one place to exhaust and keeps them clean if their in a dusty environment like a basement or attic. There are other methods to collect the hot air but this way kills two birds with one stone(r).