Gtx1060 6gb gpu mining

Hi, I just wanted to see if mining with 1060 6gb cards is worth while. Been recommended to stick to AMD.

I have 3 x 1060 but haven’t started using them yet, they are pure mining cards. No vga ports.

Scoobylaw, can you please specify the exact model and manufacturer of these cards ?
Regular Nvidia 1060 6GB can still be used to mine ETH, RVN and others. If they are Nvidia Tesla M1060 6GB however, they are pretty much worthless.
AMD cards are slightly better when mining ETH, but on almost every other coin I prefer Nvidia. It depends on what you want to mine. Nvidia has a much bigger range and possibilities.

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They were EVGA 6gb 1060 dedicated mining cards. No vga. Straight up mining

This should not be a problem.
I would use Phoenix Miner and mine ETH or RVN on the GPU’s and use XMRig to mine Monero (XMR) with the CPU. If you do both on Mining Pool Hub, then you can select the payout in BTC, ETH or whatever you like. You can also find other pools of course.

for the price of the cards, they do ok and use less power then the RX cards, If your power limit at the wall is still good, and you want to stick to ETHash then RX is good, but if you want to be able to play around and chase other profits with different algos and your concerned about power use the 1060’s If in the future your looking at expanding, per watt for hash power 1660 ti 28.5Mh at 80watts per card is great.

I’ve not tried any Nvidia cards …I’m running 2-5700xt’s…1-5500xt and 2-580’s…the 5700’s sure seem the way to go imo…one of mine does better than both 580’s together…killer cards…wish I bought 4 of them instead of trying lesser priced cards…live and lesrn