GTX1660: Msi Afterburner Settings

Hi all,

I’m asking after a friend, he has a gaming pc that uses GTX 1660 for mining, but the point I am trying to get that is he is using MSI Afterburner but doesn’t know which settings to have.

I personally wouldn’t know because I have RTX cards 3060ti, 3070 and 3090.

Can anybody suggest best settings for GTX 1660 on the MSI Afterburner please?

Thanks very much everyone!

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Power Level: 62 or whatever makes the 1660 draw just over 70 watts
Temp Limit: 85 you won’t reach this because you will control power (above) Don’t want limiting.
Core Clock: -502 to -300
Mem Clock: 850 to 1000 This will be up to where the computer crashes and back off a bit.
Fan: 60-80% in manual Adjust fan curve in settings/fan with highes dot Speed 90 Temp 65
Next dot Speed 80 Temp 60 …Next Dot Speed 70 Temp 50 Left Most Dot Speed 60 Temp 45
Then run Autp . Save settings 1-5 and leave Lock open, Start with Windows in Settings.

Thank you so much Dollyshunk! :smile:

Quick noob question - is this card still powerful enough / popular for mining? I came across a bargain deal for $750 (a whole gaming PC that included 1660 Super)? Would that be a good investment?

It’s a good starter in my view before getting into mining rigs :smile:

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They get close to 400 KH/watt which is very good while the 3060ti and 3070 get 500 KH/watt which is better

I am running 12 1660 TI’s and getting 360 MH/s on them. Yes they are still powerful enough

Thank you Dollyshunk - sounds like a nice setup! With the original price tag of $240 - $350 per card building a 12-card rig like that would have been doable, but prices are still more than double that right now, so I guess my big dilemma is it still worth buying the whole new system (gaming pc) that has 1660 Super in it for $750?

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I have been using GTX 1660 Ti cards in my rigs. These were purchased in late summer / early fall of 2020 at MSRP of $300 (ish - Tax and shipping). As far as setup I found that a MEM OC of +850 is a not too shabby Ethereum mining card:

Stock 1660 Ti on ETH is about 25 MH/s…

Applying MEM +850 OC, ETH is about 30 MH/s.

As far as the gaming PC with a 1660 Super you are considering, I would look at the other components of the system, and see if they can be used down the road for building a GPU miner.

-Power Supply
-number of PCIE channels.

If it looks like the gaming PC parts will work for a future miner build, then go ahead.

Thank you elt!
It’s not a powerhouse gaming PC - probably more in the low-range:
Intel Core i5-10400F 2.9GHz,
350W PSU

Can’t find any info on the number of PCIE channels. Decisions… decisions…

Newegg price today is down to $539 for MSI 1660 super it was $670 two weeks back.


Thanks Wayne - yep, I see that, but it’s also showing $79.99 charge for shipping :frowning:

Right sometimes that catches my eye I hate when they do that. The best I see now is $576 they been coming down I paid $611 back 3 weeks. I hated to pay that but I had a computer with no card to play around with to learn. I got months before my Bobcat gets here.