Handshake Mar 1 miner

What’s going on with handshake, was going to order a hummer mars 1 miner , seeing that I would likely get £20 a day , but now it like £14 a day taking the cost of electricity be lucky to get £6 a day now?

Checkout #mining:asic-mining section @Derek_Thomas_Garnett You are in the wrong section
A Forum is dedicated to this topic named ‘Lets talk about Hummer Mars H1 Miner’

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Must be blind can see that any were here, have you got a link?🤷

Got 2 today,2 more likely tomorrow…be ready for 220v unit…this kills me so I’m selling 2 on ebay for a loss.

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moved your thread from gpu mining to #mining:asic-mining – & yes that is how a lot of ASIC miners unfortunately go, unreal how many random companies are releasing this HNS ASIC miners


How many days you guys have mined on Mars H1? Profitability has been dropped to the mortal level :grimacing:

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@RonnieDennies504 Can feel your pain here…
But, you could have brought Bitmain Antminer Z15

Stuff happens,all good. My buddy warned me but people like me gotta feel a loss to learn lessons. I still think future will be good for this machine. Price was almost 50 cents when they announced miner for algorithm. Should be in my new house on the 1st of August,will have 8 220v outlets installed. I thought about the z15,took a bad loss on c1 pro which was $4200 so thought twice about it. I wanna put a mack daddy rig together but don’t know shiz about mining rigs. My biddy who told me not to buy asic said to " JUST WAIT " so ima wait. Waiting on a reply from Hummer on whether the H1 can be reprogrammed.

Thats because there is a new miner thats way way way more powerful and way Way more


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Man… This is getting interesting.
I was wrong previous. HNS has high liquidity in hotbit and other exchanges.
HNS ASIC field is getting hotter day by day

That’s 20gh/s the Mars 1 is 88gh/s

Would be good if it could be reprogrammed to mine other coins as HNS not worth it at the moment

You are always blind. It is 2000GH/s!!! at 2000W . It swallows the Mars H1 miner.
The Mini ASIC of 50GH/s is only 129$!!! Bang

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@Derek_Thomas_Garnett My boi… ASIC is not reprogammable like GPU and FPGA.
Once it’s useless, it goes to trash nowhere else

I thought this was an asic fpga miner? I haven’t heard back from Hummer but this miner yall talkin about is a bad mofo

HNS was first mined by FPGA
Then, Hummer came but the problem is a lot of Hummer mofo ASIC rigs came (2000+) and destroyed the profits
Now, comes Goldshell HS3 ASIC Miner equal to 25 Hummer… ( Insane efficiency)

If Goldshell miners is produced massively then, the profits will be doomed.
The ASIC Manufacturers profit the most, not the buyers…

If any other big company like bitmain, innosilicon, baikal,etc. releases even more efficient ones… then bam goldshell to trash

This situation exactly happened during the 2017 bull run, the higher efficient rigs caused the lower ones to lose profitability and become trash.

This is the main reason for which GPUs are recommended due to it’s flexibility…

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As a matter of fact yes I am partly blind

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Gonna be a battle and the H1 turns out to be exactly what I was warned about,guy who been telling me said yesterday he’ll give me a dollar for the miner,I laughed because I never seen someone so spot on about information in general. Now I wish I woulda left my 1040 links alone,chainlink is movin and it never fails that I wreck trains,freight trains at that. I didn’t know about the hodl theory or I woulda dorgot about it for 5 years maybe 10,depending on situation. But I am gonna hold on to these ckb’s and all the hns I can get for now. This token was over 50 cents right before h1 launch date. Mine 1 block,2000 equals around 1k, Will be ready when is does. Beauty part is it halves every 3.25 years,yea buddy…6 years gonna be sittin nice yea,wanna bite yea. Hopes n dreams,what else can we live for besides family and friends…good luck all

I thought this was odd about this 2000gh miner…