Hard time ordering

Hard time ordering getting a confirmation I don’t understand how it works

I always hate when that happens.

Do you know anything about my problem

You haven’t posted anything about it so I don’t know how I could.

I ordered three miners a week and a half or so ago I’ve not heard anything and also have a refund coming can’t get nobody on seat to talk

First step is to identify who/where you purchased miners from. The second would be to say how you paid: crypto, credit card, paypal, etc…

gsauer273@gmail.com and I talked to head of market manager Alistair Milne

From voskcoin

Voskcoin doesn’t sell miners. It is a forum and Youtube channel. They also don’t use gmail accounts.

I hate to say this, but it appears that you got scammed. How did you pay for the transactions?

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Do you work for voskcoin

I’m as much an employee as gsauer273 or British economics professor Alistair Milne.

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Voskcoin doesn’t sell miners. You got scammed…

I got scammed by voskcoin itself I was on their website just like I’m here

Post the website here that you were on

Voskcoin co

Is their page cloud mining the whole nine yards

Is that what you wanted

What’s the actual web address you went to?

Voskcoin.co is not a website associated with voskcointalk or Drew? Vosk. It was setup as a scam. There are several others names similarly. VoskCoin is only a media company.

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It says voskcoin co