Hardware wallet for security

I am wanting to know if I should get a ledger hardware wallet to store my hnt and other crypto…can someone let me know if they use it and what they think…thanks

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When I start making a profit I will purchase the Ledger nano x just make sure that it support all your coins.
It also has a redundant security option.

I use this particular and the other hardware wallets. Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey. Each has its own things. KeepKey because it can access shapeshift. Trezor because they claim to be the safest. Those 2 are largely geared towards ERC20 Tokens. They only hold old school essential coins (such as LTC, BTC, BCH, DASH). Ledger Nano does store more Coins and tokens than the other two, which is its high point, such as SOL or AVAX.
While all three are easily accessed on a desktop computer, connectivity to various exchanges becomes a limitation.
Personally, I do not like to access Dex’s with a USB wallet. I instead use various desktop or browser wallets to access Dex’s. My best usage of the USB wallet is to be able to physically move my wallet into a fire proof safe at another location. I do not use USB wallets daily.
(it seems super risky to try to connect to a Dex when you might have 60K in other tokens on the same wallet)

Ledger Nano has a feature that connects to desktop/browser wallets. Which is handy but also kind of risky.

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Hardware wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet. It stores the private key of users in a secure hardware device.

I just received Arculus, 3 factor authentication seems to be their selling point.

Does a hardware wallet such as Ledger protect against if an exchange declares bankruptcy such as Coinbase? Thanks so much

Hardware wallets are an absolute must use, if you’re moving around bigger sums. I wouldn’t use one for beermoney. I’ve been using both Ledger and Trezor wallets. Both are completely fine to work with, but make sure to keep to firmware up to date, and keep them in a dry environment. Trezor is definitely the best quality wise, but Ledger supports more coins.


If you hold your coins on hardware wallet, you’re not doing any business with or on Coinbase. Whatever happens to Coinbase doesn’t matter.


Thanks so much! I don’t have a large amount but I would still like to protect it from the exchanges should they fold… Thanks again!

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Thoughts on mining directly to trezor? How risky?

For Bitcoin that doesn’t matter

Cold wallet (hardware) is definitely a good way safeguard your crypto from Exchanges. Alternatively you could use Exodus warm wallet. Basically it’s a software wallet. Plenty of coins available on it and independent from third parties.

  • Hot wallets are in the webbrowser or application (such a blockchain[dot]info).
  • Warm wallets are usually as software or extension (Metamask, Exodus).
  • Cold wallets are by far the safest option, but do cost a bit of money (Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey).