Has anybody tried KOI miner?

seems an interesting option

I have looked into these, they seem promising and have a good price on them

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Vosk has a review on them. I remember him saying they are power hungry.

Problem with these asics are the efficiencies. Unless you are paying really cheap electricity, it’s really not that good.

I do not think he does, can you share a link?

the model with 98TH on 3,400 watt looks quite efficient to me compared to other reasonably priced models on the market.

It seems like only a lazy one does not produce Bitcoin asics these days. So many names are there and looks like many more is coming… If it keeps this way, I cannot imagine the hashrate and difficulty for Bitcoin in like a year … must double I guess… Intel, Dorsey, S19 Pro hydro…

Another reason you want to hodl your bitcoin earnings because it’s hard to compete with these big boys in the future…