Has anyone bought a miner from miners.eu?

I would like to hear if this is a reputable company, has anyone used them? They are listed as someone to use alongside coinminingcentral on whattomine. Thanks!

Hiya, yes I have, though from the Dutch website, Miners.NL which is the same company. I also have my K5 hosted through them in china, so I can vouch for that part of the company too.

Hi, same question here. :blush:
I want use hosting service too, i’m in France and power juice is expensive here !

What do you think about their hosting service ? I am thinking of hosting one H1 miner in China, so every detail possible about the company would be nice!

In general the hosting is fine. You won’t have any direct connection to your miner so there’s not much you can do (has to do with that great firewall and stuff). You give your ‘account manager’ at Miners your wallet and pool url etc and they’ll relay it to the tech people in china, who’ll then put it in your miner. Personally as power here is €22ct/KWh and €6,5ct/KWh in China, it was a no brainer for me


That’s great. Really good to hear about your experience with them. I’m doing the same with an H1 hosted in China mfruet.

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There is still one thing that comes to my mind thougth, what if the H1 miner becomes the next K5 lol, i am very afraid that other company comes with another miner for Handshake, and i cannot find any rumors about it, but what if they are making one ?

thats why I got away from ASICs and I haven’t looked back I am having a blast building my GPU rig only problem is you become addicted to buying GPUs lol

Pretty much what @MeatyMouse said. Asics are always a gamble. I don’t regret buying the K5, but I shouldn’t have jumped the gun and waited for the C1 to roll in. Easy to say in hindsight, but that’s just the way it is.

Do your research and figure out what you want to go for most. With the K5 you now have a nice real life example of what can come out of a ‘first asic to mine an algorithm’. Analyze it and make your decision based upon it.

Personally, looking back now, I should’ve just gotten a BTC ASIC as their income is much more stable. But that suits my ‘risk-appetite’ and might be too safe for yours.

Good luck making a decision! :smiley:


Worse then another company making one is if H1 sends out mass amount…about a month to gobble up best rate. Second batch comes out end of June/early July. No tellin how many units come out. But to be honest,if it makes $10 a day I’d still be happy. $1250 for a machine that makes $10 profit is better then my $4k machine that puts out profit of $9. Win win there,spend $4k,get 3 machines shipped and make $30 a day profit.
Only problem is my girl from Alibaba says 2nd batch units will go up as the H1 first batch had gone up in the end. What we need is for bitcoin to rocket up,bitcoin goes up and the rest follow. Funny how most coins prices rise and fall are due to other coins rise and fall. H1 was puttin out $105 a day with only 5 miners running when bitcoin was at $9800,some guy sells 40 original btc and market dropped,today btc around $8800 and H1 only puts out $77 with only 1 H1 miner running. Hashrate stayed the same the whole time. Fingers crossed,I have 3 on the way and tomorrow my bitcool will be in so I can start running my c1 pro,fell short of coolant so am unable yet. Good luck guys n gals and may all our dreams come true some day.