Has anyone bought from asicshop.com?

I found a good deal on this site, but I do not want to get burned again. Tried to buy from evominers and got ripped off.
Any help would be appreciated

that’s a scam do not buy from asicshop

I would start by looking at Compass Mining and branch out from there

I have bought one from asicmarketplace and recieved my kd box within 13 days (payed the premium for it though). I have heard many people say they have recieved their product from akminer and coinminingcentral (I have not yet, but from what I have read I will personally try either one when I have to). Good luck.

that’s not asicshop.com though?

Thats what I thought. I have been researching Compass and will use them for sure. But I do want a miner at my house too. I found a A6+ on minersdepot.com. Is this a good website? Has anyone bought from them before?