Has anyone had “Exception” error on ck6?

I have 3 points to cover over this error.

  1. My CK6 is defective too with a possible PSU (Power Supply Unit) failure. I sent the power supply back to Goldshell which - they are replacing it ($290 shipping costs). So maybe there are some quality control issues with this model.

  2. I just received a new SC-Box and it is doing the same “exception” error as yours but on board CPB0. I was able to troubleshoot the issue and it looks like the exception is caused by a temperature error on board CPB0. The SC-Box will hash very roughly like an engine thats misfiring. The temperatures is all over the place 120c/20c to 85c/80c to 42c/40c to 62c/80c to 90c/20c all within 1 minute then minutes later, the miner crashes to zero and won’t hash. When the miner crashes, this “exception” error is displayed.

  3. My Goldshell X5 displayed this “exception” error after moving it to a different location and one of the power plugs for that board came undone. I re-connected the plug and rebooted. After re-booting, the “exception” went away and the miner was functioning normally.

More than likely, there is a hardware issue with CPB1 but it could also be a loose wire connection.

Thanks for the info, I was wondering if maybe a power connection came loose during shipping but wanted to ask if anyone had had the same problem before opening it up.

You will have to get permission from Goldshell to open up the unit. For my CK6 PSU, they gave me permission to remove the PSU and damage the security stickers - this will not void the warranty. They made me take pictures of the intact security stickers and email to them before I could remove the PSU.

Oh by the way, the PSU is heavy duty - 3300 watts and the CK6 has heavy duty metal bus bars to connect the PSU to the miner. There are 2 smaller (low power) wire bundle connections from the PSU to the miner but these are probably for the ethernet circuit board. So the possible loose connection will most likely be deep inside the hash board section of the miner.

Ok good to know, I will contact them and see what they say to do.