Has anyone ordered from shop.canaan.io?

Hello guys just wondering if anyone had ordered miners from shop.canaan.io?
They are currently running a really good sale. Kind of to good to be true??
Please let me know. Thanks in advance

No through gpu-gold.com but site is being worked on, at the time it was just for what was available as a guide

Hi @Velikov. I checked bigskyasics.com they are offering good prices. Check out their Social media pages, look very legit. Which miner are you looking for?

Ehh beware, some haven’t been getting their items as of late. They also don’t always pay their invoices to their suppliers. Very sus of the shilling , makes you wonder why everyone up and left to start their own company. Idk. Guess depends who controls the narrative better or gets their word out quickest with their friends and fake accounts. Good luck op.