Has anyone tried the X Wallet powered by Kaddex?

This is google chrome web extension. Has anyone used it before?

Never. What do you plan on holding in it?

I plan to hold KDA inside.

I’m waiting to get more info. They released their coin pre sale today and had a negative reaction. Not that it has anything to do with wallet. But want to wait and see.

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at this point, i think any wallet would be better than zelcore :laughing:

Been using it , with no issues at all to hold my KDA,
Payments get there ASAP from my pool…no issues at all like many people have with Zelcore and Hotbit or whatever people use…
I’ve used those other ones in the past and always seem to have issues, with KDA disappearing or not showing up for days…etc.etc…
Xwallet…never had that issue at all…not once…so for me…it’s working great and doing what it supposed to do…Receive my KDA and show them there when they are sent!..

I have had no real issues with Zelcore. Of course now that I said that…

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I just downloaded it and was playing around with it. It lets you import other wallets. I imported my Zelcore KDA wallets and my Chainweaver Wallet.

Best of both worlds. I can keep track of my transactions by downloading transaction cvs from Zelcore interface and import to Koinly, when I need to. But also, be able to see my account balances and use my KDA with the simplicity of the smooth running X-wallet.

Plus If Zelcore fails, I can access my wallet via X-wallet now. But on the flip side, I’m now vulnerable to any weakness that X-wallet may have, which before was ony weakness of Zelcore…