Has anyone used shenzhen leed electronic co?

I bought 2 miners from shrnzhen leed electronic co when they were on alibaba with no problem. Has anyone bough after china banned miners? They have watsap and accept usdt and bank transfer is this a good idea? They were helpful so i assume they would still be good,


I am considering buying Asics from Alibaba. So the only way right now is by transferring money to the seller’s bank account or USDT.

There is the name of the seller’s company (I cant paste the link), it is verified and has a good reputation and reviews. However, I am a little bit scared to be scammed.

“Shenzhen Letine Technology Co., Ltd”

I would stay away from all seller from alibaba.

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I just bought an L3+ from the company in china by using USDT, took 3 days to arrive an no problems. I would recommend them, probably get anotger one soon again.

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They seem legit. Im about to to make an order for 5 S19 110s and its go big or go home for me. I will let you know how that works out.


How did that order work out for you? I am wanting to make a major purchase, but I am paralyzed with the fear of scammers.

What do you need? I can help you with asic orders. I’ve sold many big asic miners on this forum.

What do you mean by “BIG ASICs”?

I recommend @cryptominernv for asic purchases. He has beat my China prices. I can give you a legit asic supplier in China, but I can’t save you any money.

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Big asics such as S19, L7, Avalon 1246 and etc…

Excellent. Sorry its been awhile since I have been on the site. It came in three days early. I bought five and sold one and I have four set up. Im selling the ones I have and buying more.

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Hi @Jesse_G , did you used leed as a supplier? do you have any feedback about them?

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They were very professional and i have had 100 percent success with them, they show video and picture of unit before shipping and helped along the way. Would definately use them again. I bought 4 units through them. The person i talked to was named jade and she is very helpful


Thank you for feedback!

Thank you very much for your kindly feedback about us Jesse ! :grin: :laughing:
we are always looking for long tern business partner!!!

thanks friend. here is our official website maybe you can refer to:https://www.minerbases.com/
you can also contact me directly here! :blush:

Hi dear, as soon as we could find a way to build the trust we will do

we can schedule a video call before cooperation!!! here are some feedback from different customer of mine