Has anyone used water cooled miners to heat a hot water system?

On the weekend I tried to simulate using my L7 with the 4.5kw radiator to heat a hot water system, though not a proper hot water system it was just a 20 litre drum. I 3D printed a nozzle to put a hose directly into the radiator pump so fresh water would go through the miner and hot water would come out into the drum. Along with it being just a plastic drum and the rubber hoses used unsurprisingly it was only about 30 degrees if I had to guess and my L7 temps was 70/75 degrees (I turned the fans down to keep it that temp to make the water hotter)

We have all seen the pools and spas heated but they only heat to 40 degrees when I need between 60-70 degrees. (Celsius)

So it feels like a long shot right now, but I would like to know if anyone has achieved this? I feel like not only would I need to have a proper insulated hot water tank but I would also need more appropriate hoses for trapping the heat. The radiator pump does 11L/minute so I would need another miner/radiator to have consistent hot water for something like a 200L tank, or what about a smaller 50L tank but have 5 miners/radiators hooked up in an attempt for instant hot water? Not sure myself but I’d love to hear if anyone’s done it or has ideas. Thsnks

I am planning on converting my solar water heater into a bitcoin water heater… I was researching this earlier today…. Looks like the only water blocks available right now would be for my S19 86th. None are available for the 126 chip S19’s yet.

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I wonder if you could use the heat from the radiator on conductive metals, either the tank itself or sitting on a aluminium plate to get it hot enough, along with the water from the miner/radiator still circulating through it. I’m picturing a frame in the front hooked up to the face of the radiator to trap the air except for a hole for an 8 inch exhaust fan that blows the hot air onto an aluminium plate which sits underneath the tank, then another exit for the air on the other side. Might get some and just stick it in front of my radiator for a day and see how hot it gets

My water tank has a heat exchanger built in for the water from the solar tubes.

Check out heat exchangers from https://www.dudadiesel.com

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