Hashrate halved when I added a 2nd GPU

Hi there.

I have a 3070 GPU which Ive been mining with recently, and getting around 60 MH/s using both lolminer and T-rex. I prefer lolminer because I occassionally get invalid shares with T-Rex. MSI afterburner settings are +1200 memory, 60 power limit and -200 core. It reports 100% GPU utilisation.

Today I added a 3060 Ti as well. Lolminer is only hashing each GPU at about half the rate, so I’m only still getting 60 MH/s total. MSI afterburner reports each GPU as running only about 50% utilisation.

If I run T-rex, I get the full output, 60 MH/s from each card and full 100% GPU utilisation. But, again I started getting invalid shares.

Anyone know what’s up here please?


Try increasing the power a little. What does 60% translate into watts for you?

Also, with the 30 series cards, allow the dag to load first before you overclock. This is a known bug.

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