Hashrate halved when I added a 2nd GPU

Hi there.

I have a 3070 GPU which Ive been mining with recently, and getting around 60 MH/s using both lolminer and T-rex. I prefer lolminer because I occassionally get invalid shares with T-Rex. MSI afterburner settings are +1200 memory, 60 power limit and -200 core. It reports 100% GPU utilisation.

Today I added a 3060 Ti as well. Lolminer is only hashing each GPU at about half the rate, so I’m only still getting 60 MH/s total. MSI afterburner reports each GPU as running only about 50% utilisation.

If I run T-rex, I get the full output, 60 MH/s from each card and full 100% GPU utilisation. But, again I started getting invalid shares.

Anyone know what’s up here please?


Try increasing the power a little. What does 60% translate into watts for you?

Also, with the 30 series cards, allow the dag to load first before you overclock. This is a known bug.

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Just to close this off, the problem was lolminer. It doesn’t use cuda, so seems to not be able to run 30 series cards properly. Ive seen others with the issue, not sure if some are ok and some not, but anyway, I switched to t-rex and its fine now.